The Great Greek Cat Capture Part Three

Greece has had a big problem with stray cats and dogs, and many stories of abandonment of healthy, loving animals. Many of our clients help support the local charities, including  Friends Of The Strays Of Greece. This week, Sheena and husband Tim are visiting the island of Aegina with its magnificent animal shelter to help with the ongoing neutering programme.



We had another morning of neutering cats. All were healthy except one, a feral who had turned up at someone’s home with a head wound.


He had deep lacerations to both sides of his head, losing most of an ear. It may have been caused by him getting his head stuck inside a tin can, and it was a long job to clean his wounds and stitch him back together.


Although he still isn’t pretty, it’s a big improvement. The worry is, being feral, and with the shelter completely full of dogs, will somebody be able to keep him safe while his wounds recover?


Finally, I removed a rotten tooth from Ratanplan, a friendly hound showing scars of previous mistreatment. He’s also completely blind but somehow can still find his way around to get cuddles from everyone.

Part Four

How you can help

If you think you could adopt one of the wonderful dogs at the rescue centre, details of all the dogs can be found on the charity’s website.

If that’s not an option, then sponsoring a dog for a small regular donation will provide all the food and veterinary care it needs to live a happy life at the shelter. Again, details can be found on the website.