Sheena and Tim’s Greek Dogyssey II Day Five

Sheena and Tim are back on the Greek island of Aegina to help with the local strays.


Today was a hard day. My €5-a-day bike suffered from a lack of TLC halfway up the hill so I had to be picked up. Not only were we met with seventeen full cat baskets, the majority were females and some of them pregnant. One had a complicated eye tumour as well as rotten teeth, but I was glad that this was a chance to test the dental drill that our practice has donated to the charity.  

Sadly today, the volunteers had to deal with a common occurrence — puppies dumped outside the shelter. Dumping dogs is illegal and, now the shelter has cameras installed, locals have taken to leaving them further down the track. The puppies had disappeared into the woods by the time they arrived, so the best they can do is leave out food and water and hope they survive.  

We neutered four dogs including a giant black stray. As often has to happen, Andreas returned him to the street he came from as he looked healthy.  

Our tick-bitten friend from yesterday is looking very well in his temporary new home and he has a name — Frederick. It was nice to see him at the end of a long day.