Greek Dogyssey – October 2018 Part 1

Sheena last visited the dog shelter in Greece in May of this year, and had not planned to return until next year. However, when she counted the money raised, she realised that there was £300 left over. She contacted the shelter to offer the money to go towards food and veterinary treatment. The shelter organiser told Sheena that they were desperate for another veterinary visit, as so few vets come over to help, and the vet who was scheduled to visit in September had been taken ill and was unable to visit. Sheena asked around for help, and one of our nurses Donna very kindly volunteered her services.

As usual, Sheena and Donna brought two suitcases full of medical supplies in order to be able to perform as many operations as they could. They landed late morning, and decided it would be best to spend as much time as possible at the shelter, so they changed into their scrubs at the airport while they waited for their lift.








Upon arrival, they discovered that volunteers had helped to build a whole hospital block with essential shelter for the sick and injured dogs who are taken in on a daily basis. This block was already full of dogs waiting for Sheena and Donna to arrive, and carry out their daily ward rounds. Sheena also said hello to a few of her favourite patients from May, the lovely Patsy, who was brought in on the point of death, and Jack her favourite (now three legged) dog. The shelter has also been donated two bicycles which Sheena and Donna used to cycle the 40km round trip from their  hotel each day.