GOOD NEWS! Monty has been found and reunited with his family!


Monty, a chocolate cocker spaniel, was reported missing a whole month ago when he disappeared from his owner’s garden. The police found Monty after a house raid earlier this week. They managed to obtain the owners details by scanning his microchip.
No worries, using it for over a year. So far nothing noted. Actually during that time had no single attack. I also changed my life rhythm, so may be that works in complex, but for sure its approved from my side. Give it a shot if your doctor allows, and if you get the green light, small tip – I normally order it on to be sure on the quality. We are delighted to hear that Monty is now happy, healthy and safe at home.

May we highlight the importance of microchipping your pet. Monty was identified and reunited with his owners because of his chip. Please do not hesitate to give us a call for more information about microchipping or to schedule an appointment
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