Fond farewells in Greece

Greece has had a big problem with stray cats and dogs, and many stories of abandonment of healthy, loving animals. Many of our clients help support the local charities, including  Friends Of The Strays Of Greece. This week, Sheena and husband Tim are visiting the island of Aegina with its magnificent animal shelter to help with the ongoing neutering programme.


We had a relatively easy last day with ten cats to neuter. We’ve spotted a few stray cats around the island with the trademark clipped ear showing they have been neutered, so we know we and the other vets that volunteer are making a small difference. 


Sadly, puppy Fabricio had to go to the local vet for the weekend, but we are confident that he will recover. We said goodbye to friends (mostly four-legged) that we’ve made at the rescue centre in the hills. 

They rehome up to 200 dogs each year and there is a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make this happen. We’re very grateful to the hard-working team here who help animals all year round, including Elena, Andreas and Vageles. We also owe a big thanks to Lori and Sotiris who collected most of the cats for us.


How you can help

If you think you could adopt one of the wonderful dogs at the rescue centre, details of all the dogs can be found on the charity’s website.

If that’s not an option, then sponsoring a dog for a small regular donation will provide all the food and veterinary care it needs to live a happy life at the shelter. Again, details can be found on the website.