Vaccinations update 22.04.20

As the lockdown has been extended we have reviewed the risks to pets that have not yet had their vaccinations and are please to announce we are taking steps to protect the most vulnerable animals by providing the most crucial vaccinaions. We are now offering a vaccine clinic once a week for puppy vaccines and any dog boosters that are approaching 13 months from the last booster.

We will NOT be routinely performing Kennel Cough or Rabies vaccinations unless there is a special reason to do so.

We are also offering first year boosters for outdoor cats and rabbit vaccinations. We are NOT offering annual boosters for older cats or primary courses for kittens at this time as they are at a lower risk.

We will be contacting any clients who had their booster appointments cancelled last month in order book these in but if you did not already have an appointment arranged and your pet’s vaccines are due please get in touch with us to arrange an appointment. This clinic will be following social distancing procedures which we will explain at the time of booking.

Thank you all again for your understanding at this very difficult time.