Sheena’s Greek Week Part Four

Greece has had a big problem with stray cats and dogs, and many stories of abandonment of healthy, loving animals. Many of our clients help support the local charities, including  Friends Of The Strays Of Greece. This week, Sheena and husband Tim are visiting the island of Aegina with its magnificent animal shelter to help with the ongoing neutering programme.


Yet more female cats to be neutered today – nine in total – but where are the boys? Somehow it seems there is a reluctance to get males neutered even when it’s free.



After I removed his tooth yesterday, Ratanplan is doing very well, but I wish I could say the same for Fabricio. Our friendly puppy is still on a drip recovering from gastroenteritis and eating very little. He hates me for giving him stingy injections all the time. We hope for some improvement tomorrow.

We spayed two more bitches and castrated a street dog, one we’d already made friends with on the sea front. He and his friend used to belong to a homeless man who has now died. The dogs still live in the same area on the street and the locals feed them.

We visited another sanctuary in the afternoon, owned by a Greek lady Alexia, for cats and dogs (and horses and sheep). We met some of the relatives of our own dogs, as well as some very rehomable dogs.  A lot cannot be homed so Alexia gives them the best lives she can. She does this solely with the help of a few friends and what they can afford out of their own pockets.

All of the dogs have a pretty good life, running and playing in the shelters in the Greek hills. But, for every year a dog stays here, it condemns another to a life of scavenging or death because the centres are full.

Part Four

How you can help

If you think you could adopt one of the wonderful dogs at the rescue centre, details of all the dogs can be found on the charity’s website.

If that’s not an option, then sponsoring a dog for a small regular donation will provide all the food and veterinary care it needs to live a happy life at the shelter. Again, details can be found on the website.