Sheena’s Greek Dogyssey II Day Two

Sheena is back on the island of Aegina in Greece, helping The Friends Of The Strays Of Greece at their animal shelter.



The meet-and-greet each morning is done by two friendly goats, more friendly than some of the dogs behind the gate. It seems they just turned up at the rescue centre whereupon one of the helpers, Andreas, started milking them. Their milk is used to feed dogs recovering from parvovirus and other digestive problems, being an ideal source of easily-digestible nutrition.

We took on our largest number of cats and dogs for neutering today — 15 cats and 6 dogs. Some dogs were awaiting their flights to their new families, including Molly (below). Sadly homes have fallen through for two, including Nada (below with Molly) as they may have contracted Leishmania. People are often reluctant to take on dogs that need medication.