Sheena’s Greek Dogyssey II Day Three

Sheena is back on the island of Aegina in Greece, helping The Friends Of The Strays Of Greece at their animal shelter.


Today was a quieter day. Some of the cats and dogs that arrive turn out to be already neutered. Policy is to always clip an ear, but locals can sometimes ask that ears are not clipped, so it can be difficult to tell. It’s a pity to sedate an animal for no good reason, so as a result, we have to take a bit more ear than some locals would like. At the restaurants in town, the cats know how to turn on the charm, but it’s rare to spot a clipped ear — unneutered felines still have the advantage.


It’s especially sad at this time of year since many cats are pregnant. It’s  hard to know until I have anaesthetised them, as they tend to be feral.

One of the perks of being a vet on a charity mission is the free lunch, and every day, one of the charity’s volunteers prepares us a feast. We had roasted vegetables today and a fennel salad which taste all the better in the Greek sunshine.


We neutered three dogs and 12 cats today, and treated one dog for an infected paw. Convincing her to swallow an antibiotic when she could still eat our lunch wasn’t easy but luckily the antibiotics were tasty.