Sheena and Tim’s Greek Doggysey 2017 Part 1

Sheena and Tim are back in Greece for another week of neutering and veterinary attention for the strays of Aegina. It has been a quieter week so far because there were vets out only four weeks ago, but Sheena and Tim are the last vets before the winter, so they are busy with all the puppies and kittens born earlier this year who are only just old enough to be neutered. Sheena has already fallen in love with a few.


So far they have neutered 7 female cats, 7 male cats, 5 female dogs and 6 male dogs. They have also treated one poor cat with a chronic infected wound. We are hoping he will recover from this.


The staff at the shelter have been amazing as ever, never complaining about the disruption, finding and holding animals, and helping to clean up at the end of the day. Local volunteers have provided the most delicious lunches. The local goats are very interested in all the comings and goings.