Sheena and Tim’s Greek Doggysey 2017 – Epilogue

Sheena and Tim have completed their week’s work at the rescue centre in Aegina. By the end of the week they neutered:

  • 28 female cats
  • 20 male cats
  • 10 female dogs
  • 5 male dogs

As ever, Sheena and Tim were extremely grateful to the three workers Elena, Andreas and Vagelis. They made sure that everything ran without a hitch, collecting extra supplies when needed, and cleaning up at the end of the day. Elena was invaluable in putting all the cats into crush cages so the feral cats could be easily injected. This was not an easy job. Ευχαριστώ!

Sheena and Tim spent a happy afternoon with Gaby at her little house on the edge of town. It was Gaby who gave Sheena her first Greek dog 14 years ago, and it was thanks to Gaby that Sheena first went up to the shelter in 2004. Gaby currently has 16 dogs, many of them sick or elderly, and she gives them all a wonderful life. Luckily she has a lot of land for them to run on.

We would like to end our blog for this year by thanking our clients and friends who donated money towards this trip. The money was all used to pay for medical supplies and there was also a donation of €400 which we gave to the shelter to help cover vet bills over the winter. Thanks to generosity, we once again managed to cover the cost of all the drugs and equipment needed for the week.

If you are interested in adopting a Greek stray, please visit