Sheena and Tim’s Greek Dogyssey II Day Six

Sheena and Tim are back on the Greek island of Aegina to help with the local strays.


After yesterday’s marathon, we had an easy morning before returning home — seven cats, including Elena’s two beloved beauties.

We left the shelter at the best time of day: a midday lull when all the dogs are sleeping below the trees and the usual mad orchestra of barking goes quiet. We’re grateful to Elena, Andreas, and Vagelis for welcoming and helping us, and all the volunteers for the amazing lunches they cooked. Elizabeth has given us her secret recipe for stuffed tomatoes which I will be cooking for my staff in Milford — let’s hope it will do in lieu of Toblerone!

As we were walking back through town, we happened upon one of our previous days’ victims looking very happy on a wall in the sun. It’s good to know we’ve made a small impact.


You may remember our poorly pup, Fabricio, from last year. He is now called Flynn and is doing very well with our friends in Guildford. He will require lifelong treatment for Leishmania but is otherwise very healthy. We’re always especially grateful to those who take on rescues with medical needs as it gives them a lease of life that can be very hard to come by.

If you’re interested in adopting any of these lovely dogs, please visit the Friends of the Strays of Greece website.