Sheena and Tim’s Greek Catyssey — Day Four

Sheena is back on the island of Aegina in Greece, helping The Friends Of The Strays Of Greece at their animal shelter.


Seventeen cats graced our operating table today, only three of them boys — again, the girls are expected to be the frontrunners in birth control.


We only had two dogs to neuter. A stray male had been brought in for neutering, due to be released back on the streets afterwards. We named him Ticktock on account of the number of ticks he had accumulated, and anyone who knows me will know that ticks are my nemesis. Needless to say, a simple tick treatment had them dropping off, but some bites were infected and he was still homeless.


One of the stray cats was presented with a cancer in one eye. Removing the eye would be a simple treatment, only if somebody could look after her while the wound heals, a task for which it’s hard to find willing volunteers. Fortunately, a kind lady who feeds local strays is prepared to care for her until she heals.

In extra good news, it appears the rescue centre will be able to keep our tick-ridden stray after all, which is great because he has the nature to make him an ideal housemate.