Rabbit Awareness


Rabbits are popular family pets, but unfortunately most people don’t realise they are highly complex animals which have a range of health, dietary and behavioural problems if their management is not correct. so here are some “rabbit rules”

  • 80% of their diet should consist of hay and grass
  • Muesli style foods are dangerous to rabbits
  • Rabbits should be vaccinated against Myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease
  • They are more prone to parasites than dogs or cats and should be treated regularly
  • The hutch should be large enough for them to stand up on their hind legs and long enough to allow 3 continuous hops. they also need a large run (3m x 1.5m x 1m)
  • Sleeping quarters should be cleaned daily
  • Rabbits are very social and should be kept in groups of neutered animals, they should not be kept with guinea pigs.For more advice on rabbits why not give us a call and book a FREE appointment with one of our Nurses.