Physiotherapy Case Study

Buffy, Rottweiler, 11 years old


Buffy’s owner was concerned about her decreased mobility. She was unable to walk that far and showed a lot of stiffness. Buffy had elbow dysplasia (poorly formed joints) as a younger dog.

Buffy was brought along to our chronic pain clinics, which are run by Simon Burgess and Donna Boddie. Simon, one of our vets, has a qualification in chronic pain management and acupuncture and Donna is a Registered Veterinary Nurse who has completed further studies to become an Animal Physiotherapist and is a member of the International Association of Animal Therapists (

During the clinic, it was noted that Buffy had an “odd” gait and looked like she was walking on hot coals. She had lost a lot of muscle in her back legs and had a decreased range of movement. Additionally, her elbows were thickened and she was very sore in her back.

She has been treated with various techniques to control her pain and improve her muscle strength. This has included pain relief, regular acupuncture, manual techniques such as massage and therapeutic equipment such as laser therapy and pulsed electromagnetic treatments. Buffy was also given a exercise programme to help improve her mobility and strength

Buffy responded well to the treatment plan and is constantly improving in her movement. The aim is now to maintain her improvements with less frequent treatment.

This is what Buffy’s owner had to say ……….

“I have to say that Donna and Simon have done wonders with my 11 year old Rottie Buffy. She was very stiff and could not walk well and struggled with getting on and off the sofa and did not run at all….

After a few sessions of physio and acupuncture, she is now walking happily and even running as well.

She now has no stiffness and is a different dog. The results are amazing and I highly recommend the pain clinics.”