Outdoor Pets – Please Take Care!



With forecasts of floods, storms and snow, please take a moment to think about your pet rabbits, guinea pigs and any other pets you might keep outside. Please make sure you take steps to protect them, both from the cold and the wet.

If you have small animals outdoors please consider bringing them indoors through out the bad weather. If you do not have an indoor cage you could pick a spare room or a cornered area in your home. Make sure that they are safe and they have access to their food and water. Take care to ensure they are not vulnerable to other pets (dogs, cats), can not chew any dangerous household objects such as cables and that the room is preferably unheated or not too warm so that your pet does not suffer if taken outside again soon.


If bringing them indoors is not an option please check that their hutch or enclosure will withstand the strong winds and heavy downpour, reinforce their roofs, raise them high off the ground and cover any exposed parts with waterproof covering.


Domestic pets can’t take these steps to protect themselves so please take the time to do it for them!


For more advice please give us a call 01483 414 747