Oral Care Month

Dental disease is a common problem in animals over the age of 3 years. This can lead to greater problems as infection from the gums spreads to other parts of the body and it can also make everyday tasks such as eating or playing with toys uncomfortable.

Implementing effective dental care can decrease the chances of dental disease.

To recognize this North Downs Veterinary Group are offering free dental checks with our nurses throughout March for cats and dogs.

During these checks we will:

·       Check your pet’s dental state

·       Offer advice regarding dental care regimes and products

·       Demonstrate correct dental care and teeth cleaning

To arrange an appointment, or for more information, please call us on either of the following numbers

Milford Veterinary Surgery: 01483 414 747

Greyfrairs Small Animal Clinic: 01483 812 100


Or alternatively you can pop into one of our branches with any enquiries


Please be aware that only the consultation with the nurse are free, although free samples of some products are available (subject to availability) you will be expected to pay for any products you choose to try. Sometimes problems may be detected that the nurse would like a vet to check or confirm. If you decide to see the vet please be aware that you may be charged a consultation fee.