Greek Rescue Part Two

Greece has had a big problem with stray cats and dogs, and many stories of abandonment of healthy, loving animals. Many of our clients help support the local charities, including  Friends Of The Strays Of Greece. This week, Sheena and husband Tim are visiting the island of Aegina with its magnificent animal shelter to help with the ongoing neutering programme.


Our day started with Fabricio, a puppy with gastroenteritis. It’s very difficult to stop the spread of disease when puppies have to share a run with others in such small spaces, and confinement is difficult. He had medicine and intravenous fluids, so we should expect to see an improvement tomorrow.


A bitch was admitted to the rescue centre and we took her in for spaying. She had recently had a litter of puppies making it more difficult than usual. She sat at my feet and slept while I operated on the feline arrivals. 

I neutered nine cats, mainly female, some very tiny but all well fed. We have a lot more to do tomorrow, and after a trip out around the town, it’s obvious we have made only the tiniest of dent on the big stray population. 

After a long day, we met Leontis from yesterday at the gate, who is on fine form but just needed a quick cuddle.

Part Three

How you can help

If you think you could adopt one of the wonderful dogs at the rescue centre, details of all the dogs can be found on the charity’s website.

If that’s not an option, then sponsoring a dog for a small regular donation will provide all the food and veterinary care it needs to live a happy life at the shelter. Again, details can be found on the website.