Greek Dogyssey – October 2018 Part 2

Things at the shelter have improved a little since Sheena’s trip in May. They have the new hospital block, and a few more donations have come in to help feed the dogs, but Sheena still noticed the dogs being fed stale bread from time to time when the dog food ran out. Fights frequently broke out when the dogs became hungry.

Very few of the shelter dogs are neutered, because the local vets are not particularly helpful, and the cost of neutering (even for a charity) is higher than here. This results in a lot of unwanted puppies being dumped, and local people often resort to poisoning or shooting the stray dogs, even though that is illegal. The dog shelter is officially full, but still receives daily calls about sick or injured dogs, which they cannot ignore.

Sheena and Donna concentrated on neutering the bitches, but also tried to help with general veterinary care. Just before they arrived, the shelter organiser was extremely upset, because two puppies had died overnight with haemorrhagic diarrhoea. They deteriorated so quickly, there was not even time to get them to the local vet. She was worried about two more puppies who had become unwell, luckily these two were treated by Sheena, and were doing well.

Operating Theatre

Sheena and Donna managed to neuter around 30 female dogs and two males. They also treated many sick and injured dogs. This was amazing, giving they were only in Greece for 4½ days. Donna was kept busy cleaning and sterilising kits while monitoring the dogs under anaesthetic. Everyone knows that veterinary nurses are true multi-taskers, and Donna certainly proved this.

Donna and friends
Recovery Area