Greek Dogyssey – October 2018 – Final Part

All of the dogs that Sheena and Donna met were absolutely lovely dogs. They have all learned to socialise well with other dogs as well as with people, as this is how they have managed to survive. It is heartbreaking to see these dogs struggling to live. The shelter organiser struggles to run the place with only one other full time helper and several volunteers who come and go. Between them they are trying to look after over 600 dogs, and the organiser never takes a day off, she hardly even takes a couple of hours off. She feels such a responsibility to help these dogs. When she does leave the shelter, it is to visit local schools to try and educate Greek children so that there can be a better future for the Greek dogs. In the meantime, all we can do is try to find homes for as many as possible, and encourage neutering programs to try and reduce the numbers of unwanted strays. A vet could spend several months there, just treating the injured and sick dogs.

Johnboy sunbathing on the roof

We would like to send a huge thanks to our clients who donated a lot of money again, to help cover the cost of drugs for our trip. Sheena and Simon always make up any shortfall, and one kind client even gave 400Euros which helped locally in covering costs and they were able to leave enough money with the shelter to buy another large pallet of food. Sheena and Donna left Greece feeling both mentally and physically exhausted, but feeling it had been another worthwhile trip.

Lovely Girl – yes that’s her name