Greek Dogyssey 2019 part 3

As well as neutering as many dogs as possible, Sheena and Donna spent a large part of each day treating sick dogs. This year the charity raised funds to buy blood testing kits, so it was possible to test almost 100 dogs for life threatening disease such as Ehrlichia, Leishmania, heartworm, and Anaplasma.

Ehrlichia and Anaplasma can cause excessive bleeding and anaemia, (many of the dogs who come into the shelter are anaemic), but these diseases are easily treated. Leishmania is a more difficult disease to treat, but can be kept at bay with long term medication. One of the dogs Sheena treated on her first trip to this area arrived emaciated and on the point of death, she spent 3 days in the clinic onn intravenous fluids. She is now on Leishmania medication, and 18 months later is doing really well. Patsy would love a home to live in as she is a calm and gentle little soul, but it is unlikely that she will ever find a home due to her need for long term medication. Sheena was so happy to see her looking so well, and Patsy seemed very happy to see Sheena too. Donna plans to raise funds to pay for further blood testing and treatment for Ehrlichia and Leishmania, so watch this space!

Patsy in 2018
Patsy today