Greek Dogyssey 2019 part 2

Tuesday and Wednesday were two more busy days. Tuesday was spent blood testing and neutering as many dogs as possible. Some of these dogs had recently been brought to the shelter on the point of starvation, and were not well enough for neutering. They started treatment for the various diseases they had contracted, and Sheena took blood to check if their vital organs were still functioning. They were all anaemic, and some had severely low protein and glucose levels,

Poor little Virgos could not even raise his head

Sadly one dog died on Tuesday despite Sheena and Donna’s best efforts to save her. Everyone was devastated. Another dog who was considered well enough to be castrated, had a heart problem which manifested itself after his surgery and he had to have intravenous fluids to help boost his circulation. Happily he enjoyed his night of comfort on his orthopaedic bed and was ready to face the world again by the following morning. They were two very difficult and stressful days.