Dental awareness month


This August is dental awareness month. This is to keep us on our toes with our pet’s dental hygiene and the importance of looking after their teeth. Dental hygiene should start from a young age and should be carried out throughout your pet’s life. This will help minimise health implications that can come from poor dental hygiene.

  • Healthy teeth means better breath
  • Dental disease can lead to heart problems
  • Retained baby teeth can cause gum irritation and tartar build up
  • Looking after your pets teeth can prevent other health problems
  • Dogs and cats are very good at hiding dental pain and you may not know about it until the disease is advanced If you would like to learn more about dental hygiene for your pet we are offering a range of services in the practice such as free dental nurse checks, demonstrations on how to clean dogs and cat’s teeth, free samples of toothpaste, finger brushes and food, there will also a 10% discount off all dentals booked in August. If you are worried or have any concerns over your pet’s dental hygiene you can book in to see either the vet or the nurse at any time.