Charities and Events

All of us are doing this job because we love animals. We are very aware that not all animals are lucky enough to have loving homes like our patients. We want to help other less fortunate animals around the world.

Dogs Trust

Dogs-Trust-LogoWe have been sponsoring dogs at Dogs Trust for the past 15 years. We currently sponsor 3 dogs Lilly, Nula and Sidney who are not suitable for homing for various reasons. Dogs Trust is a charity who never euthanases a healthy dog, so is a very worthwhile cause. From time to time we also raise funds through our events for Dogs trust.

If you are interested in sponsoring a dog with Dogs Trust, please click here.

Friends of the Strays of Greece

Aegina Dog ShelterSheena has supported this charity since she first went out to Greece to neuter the strays back in 2004. We have raised funds through our events over the years for this charity. Sheena will return to Greece in September 2019 to neuter another batch of strays as well as provide veterinary treatment for the sick dogs and cats. This charity has had a very difficult year because of the current economic crisis in Greece. We run collections of dog beds, blankets and food for cats and dogs as well as collecting donations towards the cost of medications which Sheena buys at cost price and takes out with her.

Schools and Nurseries

Guinea PigOur nurses and vets are often asked to visit local schools and nurseries. In the past one of our nurses went to St Dominic’s school to give a talk on career options as a veterinary nurse. Stepping Stones nursery also visited us with their two guinea pigs for a fun health check and talk with Hannah, one of our vets.

Fetes and open days

Every year, we sponsor the Milford Fete; proceeds from this fete go towards local amenities for the community. We also help out with running the annual Brook Fete dog show. Our sausage catching competitions are always a great hit.