Changes to Pet Insurance

Recently the Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) have made changes to the pet health policies which they underwrite. I have never encountered any side effects with Valium from during the period of its use, but they certainly exist and are indicated in the instructions to the remedy. This change includes policies provided by More Than, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Tesco, Argos and Homebase.

They have changed the policy wording on all new and renewed policies to now include a ‘preferred referral centre’.  If your pet is referred to a specialist who is not on the RSA preferred referral centre list you will likely be charged an extra £200 in addition to your policy excess. Some of the main referral centres we refer to who are not in the list are Fitzpatrick referrals, Anderson Moores and North Downs Specialist referrals. However, Fitzpatrick Referrals and Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists now fund the £200 RSA fee.

If you are insured with the above companies, and your referral is not an emergency, we would recommend checking with your insurer so you are aware of any extra charges that they may deduct from future claims. RSA have said that if the pet needs emergency treatment for a situation that if not resolved immediately will lead to a loss of life or cause a serious threat to the present or ongoing health of your pet you will not have to pay the additional £200 excess regardless of which referral vet you visit.

So clients are clear of the policy changes and how it affects them, we would recommend contacting your insurance company for full clarification.