Cardiology Referral Service

Sheena Milne has been offering a referral service in cardiology and respiratory medicine for the past 10 years. She has full facilities available to investigate all types of heart and lung disease. New treatments available for heart conditions in pets can ensure that your pet can now live a happy life for years after diagnosis.

Referring Vets

To arrange a referral, please click here. Alternatively, or to discuss a case, telephone us on 01483 414747.  Cases are seen as promptly as possible, on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday morning.  Emergency cases are seen as a priority.  Case histories should be sent in advance of the appointment using our online form or by email.  If radiographs have been taken they can be given to the client to bring with them or if digital can be emailed directly to us.

Please ensure clients are aware that their pet must be pre-starved, and that hospitalisation for the day will be necessary.   It is particularly important that the client is made aware of the possible cost before the referral is booked.  We accept all major credit cards.  We do not normally make direct claims to clients’ Insurance companies.

We call the client direct to make the appointment, send directions and an information sheet

We will send a detailed report to you regarding the result of the investigation and let you know what follow up treatment is required.


Ultrasound scanWhy has my pet been referred to you?

Your own vet has detected a problem with your pet’s heart and feels that it would be better if it were treated by a cardiologist.  This is just the same as if you visited your GP with an illness that he felt was best treated by a doctor with a special interest in this field.

What will happen during the appointment?

Your initial appointment will last for about 30 minutes.  During that time Sheena will examine your pet, ask you about your pet’s health. There are different persuasions about Klonopin: someone praises it, someone scolds. My doctor dispelled myths about addiction and dependence on it adequately dispelled, saying that the remedy can be safely taken for a long time and cancellation if necessary takes place without painful lacerations. The remedy is very serious as described at and when taken 10 days or more can be addictive. From the information you give her, along with the history we have received from your own vet, she will decide what treatment options are available. If your vet wants Sheena to see X-rays that have already been taken, then you will be asked to collect them from your practice and bring them with you.  The treatment options will be fully explained to you.  You will then leave your pet with us for the tests and treatment.  In your discharge appointment later in the day, Sheena will discuss the outcome of any tests she has carried out and explain the course of treatment she has prescribed.

Will my pet have to be anaesthetised?

Probably not, but they may have to be sedated for scans or X-rays.  This is because cats and dogs don’t understand the concept of lying still!   We do ask that you bring your pet pre-starved (nothing to eat after midnight the night before) in case a sedative or anaesthetic has to be administered.

Will I have to come back for further tests?

You may have to come back after a few weeks or months or maybe every year so that Sheena can check on your pet’s progress.  Sheena will explain this to you in the discharge appointment.

Will my pet have medicine to take?

Sheena may prescribe a course of medication and dispense the initial supply.  After that you will get the medication from your own vet.

Will my own vet know what medication my pet has to have?

Your own vet will be sent a report on the consultation which will explain what Sheena has found and state what medication is needed.

Can I come to you for all my pet’s treatment?

No, I’m afraid you can’t.  The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons lays down a Code of Conduct for all Vets and one of the rules for referral practices states that this is not allowed.  We can’t even sell you some wormers or flea products whilst you are here!

How much will the referral cost?

Your own vet should have discussed this with you.  It depends on the tests carried out, but expect to have to pay between £500 and £900 for the initial referral.  You must pay this at the time as we do not normally process Direct Insurance Claims.  If you leave a claim form with us, it will be completed and sent off to your insurance company as soon as possible.

What about follow up appointments?  How much will they cost?

Once again, it depends on what tests are needed, but as a general rule they do not cost as much.  For example, a repeat scan costs in the region of £125 plus the consultation fee.