A Greek Dogyssey 2019

This year Sheena and Donna returned to Greece to help provide emergency veterinary care and neutering for the strays. They have gone back to the same shelter as last year because the need was so great. They were very lucky to have been given free accommodation in a local resort, so Sheena donated all the money she usually spent on hotels to pay for even more drugs and equipment.

The first day was extremely busy with a lot of dogs for neutering, all the dogs are now tested first for diseases which can cause excessive bleeding, so Sheena was relieved to have this test available (for the first time). This meant a few dogs have had their surgery postponed so they can receive treatment first. Despite this, one dog did bleed excessively, and Sheena spent a lot of time tying off all her blood vessels, but she recovered well, and the day ended on a good note. An even better end to the day was the lovely 10km ride home (instead of 19km last year!), on amazing bikes kindly loaned to them by the resort manager.